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Established 1986


Burrunbarchi Chihuahua's

At Burrunbarchi kennels we strive to produce gorgeous puppies, with outstanding temperaments,
beautiful natures and personalities. 
Our adult dogs are chosen for their temperaments as well as looks..... 
A Burrunbarchi puppy should be suitable for any disipline you choose, as a pet, for show or offsider.
Burrunbarchi Kennells is having a break from breeding Chihuahua's for a short while.
Due to the loss of several of our breeding stock my hearts just not in it at the moment.
We still have them here and wouldn't be without one (or several), and when the ime is right we will continue breeding them.
Untill then we will be concentrating on our Cattle dogs and our horses.
'Burrunbarchi Diamonds'
Our beautiful girl 'Diamonds' has unexpectedley passed away.
She will forever be in our hearts.
Such a sweet goreous girl.
We will truly miss you.
12/10/2007 - 30/01/2014
'Burrunbarchi Gemstone'
Our gorgeous girl 'Diamonds' might be gone.
But she has left behind for us this beautiful special girl.


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