and Burrunbarchi Kennels

Established 1986


About Us

Burrun Barr Stud started operation back in 1986, when I was to receive a Pinto gelding as a Christmas present.
This turned out to be the start of a very long and rewarding Breeding and Show career for myself and later as a family venture.
We have competed at Royal Show, State and National level with tremendous results. Both Tim and I and our children Matthew and Lauren still actively Campdraft and Show.
Branching into the Campdrafting world has also seen us competing with winning results, and our children are very competitive on the Junior Rodeo circuit.
Tim's family moved to Tasmania when he was very small, where his father pursued a very successful race horse training career. Going to the Hunt was a weekend ritual  and it was his ex gallopers that went on to be the families Hunt horses , they also Show Jumped and Hacked.  
After a twelve month stint on the Australian Rodeo circuit, competing through out Australia including WA, Tim won the 1974 ARRA Bareback Champion buckle.
Later in life he played Polocrosse, being very successful at this he went on to compete at State, National and International levels.
 In 2006 and 2007 he won the Tasmanian Mountain Cattlemans challenge.

The dogs came to be after buying my late mother one as a pet when she was in a nursing home so I could take it to see her, once bitten buy the Chihuahua bug and theres no stopping with one!
Mr Mako came along next then the show bug kicked in and all is history, a female came along and then there were babies who you have to keep at least one from a litter....
The kids show as well and Tim couldn't see himself on the end of a Chihuahua lead so we compromised on Australian Cattle dogs.

Our choice for the right dogs didn't prove hard, one look at 'Digger's' father 'Zac' and we knew he was our type of dog. We were lucky enough to get one of his puppy's, and 'Digger' is that puppy, just what we where hoping for.   Good bone, great head, big chest and an even bigger heart.  His nature proved to be impecable, which he passes to his puppies......

We have since had the opportunity to acquire 'Elvis', he came to us after a few rocky years of use after he had to be re-homed by his breeder.  He's now living a life of lots of food, love and playing ball and swimming in the dam.  He's a huge dog with a huge heart, a big smooch, loves to cuddle, this he passes on to his babies......

'Lilly's' number one girl......loves sitting on dad's lap, on the lounge or wherever dogs aren't suppose to be.  She came to us as a rescue dog, what a lucky day for us that was.  Big heart, great nature and wonderful mum.....

'Katie' came to us for rehoming as we needed a dog for our daughter as she lost hers, nice and compact, sleeps on the bed with her or us, at your feet wherever we go......She's now got babies and can't understand why she 's got to be in the box and not on the bed !

We now have another girl with 'Katie's' lines or similar.  Another gorgeous girl, excellent nature and a huge heart, we are very happy to have her as well.  She loves the dam and going for a swim, running and playing, and just being a big kid.

We've got big plans for the future with our dogs, look out for us in the Showring with our upcoming youngstock......